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Melaleuca ‘Golden Revolution’

(Above) I bought this Malaleuca ‘Golden Revolution’ just on 12 months ago. It had dark, almost black, deeply fissured bark that contrasted wonderfully with the bright yellow foliage.

It was in desperate need of re-potting so I just slipped it into a larger pot and began the long, slow process of reducing the foliage.

(Above) It had two strong branch lines that were too similar and too far apart to have them work together, so, one had to go.

(Above) Having decided on the trunk line to keep, removed the other, and steadily reducing foliage it has now been re-potted into this more-suitable pot.

I intend to reduce the amount of foliage further that I shall wait for it to recover from re-potting before removing more.

Welcome to my Penjing Shed

in Guangzhou, China March 2013
in Guangzhou, China
March 2013

After some ten years of very active involvement both learning and practicing Bonsai I came to find myself increasingly drawn towards Penjing or Chinese Bonsai.

So, after nearly three years of weekly Penjing classes, independent study and guidance from teachers I find myself now here, my own blog, sharing my passion for this ancient, unique and fascinating art form.

Given the close  relationship between Penjing, Bonsai, and Chinese Gardens this blog will feel free to wander across all these genres, and others, to further an expanded and more profound understanding  of this art.

I hope you return often, contribute and enjoy.