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Green Marble Tray Shanshui

A bonsai friend had this magnificent green marble tray tucked away in back of her shadehouse. She also had a collection of greenish Serpentine rocks that matched the tray beautifully.

I had never then and neither since seen a green marble tray – just the white ones.

So, I said; “if ever you want to sell it ………” and now it’s mine!

With some friends help we used Selleys Plasti-Bond, mixed in some yellow, brown and black oxides to get the colour close to the Serpentine, before adding the hardener.

We made a base for each rock rather than ‘glue’ them on to the tray. That way, if we tire of this arrangement, we can change it.DSC03246 DSC03322 DSC03323-1 DSC03325 DSC03327-1 DSC03329 DSC03332 DSC03338_edited-1

Shanshui (Mountain and Water) Penjing

The rock was sourced from a bonsai friend. It was identified as petrified wood but not such that it was completely petrified as the rock was softer than you would expect petrified wood to be. I’m not sure this assessment was accurate?

A local Stonemason who specialises in sandstone was able to cut the bases flat and level for me as the stone was relatively soft.

The rest of the photos show its creation, its display in my garden and its display at our local Bonsai Show as part of a Penjing feature.