Melaleuca ‘Golden Revolution’

(Above) I bought this Malaleuca ‘Golden Revolution’ just on 12 months ago. It had dark, almost black, deeply fissured bark that contrasted wonderfully with the bright yellow foliage.

It was in desperate need of re-potting so I just slipped it into a larger pot and began the long, slow process of reducing the foliage.

(Above) It had two strong branch lines that were too similar and too far apart to have them work together, so, one had to go.

(Above) Having decided on the trunk line to keep, removed the other, and steadily reducing foliage it has now been re-potted into this more-suitable pot.

I intend to reduce the amount of foliage further that I shall wait for it to recover from re-potting before removing more.

Some of my trees – Feb2018.

Above: Two Port Jackson figs, fused together, so now being styled as one tree. This tree puts out heaps of aerial roots so I am expecting the figurine to be soon covered. I do like it in this pot.


Above: Bougainvillea. This pot was imported from China about 15 years ago. Each of the panels on the sides is hand-carved and applied to the pot. At that time each panel cost about $AUD50 (this pot has four) in addition to the cost of the pot. These panels now cost at least $AUD100 each making this pot a good investment at the time.


Above: Chinese Elm. Originally and upright tree. In an imported Chinese Lingnan pot. Some years yet away from being ‘finished’.


Above: Port Jackson Fig. One of my favourites in an imported Chinese Lingnan pot. The canopy is still being developed but I am pretty happy with the lower branching as it is.


Above: Privet. Another of my favourites. The base of the tree is still being developed.


Above: A collected Fig. Was found growing on rocks under another Fig that was restricting sun to this tree. Hence, this Fig grew quite naturally in this unusual shape in order to get some sun. This tree may yet get a major re-styling as soon as I workout what to do.