Green Marble Tray Shanshui

A bonsai friend had this magnificent green marble tray tucked away in back of her shadehouse. She also had a collection of greenish Serpentine rocks that matched the tray beautifully.

I had never then and neither since seen a green marble tray – just the white ones.

So, I said; “if ever you want to sell it ………” and now it’s mine!

With some friends help we used Selleys Plasti-Bond, mixed in some yellow, brown and black oxides to get the colour close to the Serpentine, before adding the hardener.

We made a base for each rock rather than ‘glue’ them on to the tray. That way, if we tire of this arrangement, we can change it.DSC03246 DSC03322 DSC03323-1 DSC03325 DSC03327-1 DSC03329 DSC03332 DSC03338_edited-1